Our next RUOKToday? Will be the 23rd of September


RUOKToday?  the initiative came about from a chance conversation in June 2015 between Eddie Carlin from the British Transport Police and Team Manager, Matthew Wakely from Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT). They agreed that the large and diverse numbers of passengers travelling through Leicester were a microcosm of the community – and its mental health and wellbeing.


They arranged further discussions with Hayley Bull from Network Rail and service lead Chris Crane from LPT where the idea of awareness-raising at Leicester railway station grew. The group agreed that to have a real impact this should be a real multi-agency event – and the idea of the RUOKToday? the banner was born.


The message would be simple - that a simple kind gesture, for example, a text message, having a chat over coffee or tea, a phone call, just letting someone know you are thinking of them, can be a help.


They will be asking people "Are you OK"? and although you may say yes I'm OK, our team will suggest ways you can support or help others who might be struggling with their feelings.


More information to follow us at @RUOK_Today on Twitter

What do you need?

Photograph support health mental and physical talking

To Be Talked To

Whatever your age, whoever you are we all need someone to talk to us, to  help us feel that we  are important 

Photograph support health mental and physical listening

To Be Listend To

We all need to be listened to, to know that our thoughts and feelings are important to others

Photograph support health mental and physical supporting

To Be Supported

There are times when even the strongest person need the support of friends, family or colleagues

Everyone says they are alright.

Everyone says they're fine

But most will never touch upon

What's really on their mind.

So take a little time out

To ask if they're OK

And you may discover:

They're not so great today.

By  Andrew Hall

Photograph support health mental and physical chaplaincy talking support


It's a simple question that can change a life. Will you ask someone that simple question today and listen to the answer?

If we can all take the time to show a little care and compassion for our friends, families, work mates or even a stranger we have never met before, we can make a positive difference to the lives of the people we meet and they can make a positive difference in our lives too